SunFlower Products (THC Cannabis Terpenes)

Sunflower (sun grown) cannabis is a more raw, organic, natural and sustainable approach to cultivation. ALL Life comes from the Sun. By utilizing the sun's energy and natural resources, the environmental impact is reduced compared to energy-intensive indoor cultivation, which relies exclusively on artificial lighting and climate control systems that MUST pass down those costs to the customer. During these tough economic times, we are extremely sensitive to the fact that customers are looking for HELLA RAW VALUE.

Hella Raw's Sunflower Division is committed to providing raw, pure, blissful cannabis experiences at EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. We source the rawest strains with terpene profiles that will have you coming back for more of that orgasmic experience.  All Ingredients inspired by the MOST HIGH :)

We are a Woman, Veteran Owned Business

“Did you know 70% of both women and men experience MORE INTENSE Orgasms with cannabis?"

Hella Raw  is 100% Orgasmic

Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with Hella Raw Orgasmic Sunflower. Our strains are carefully cultivated and crafted to deliver a symphony of relaxation, stimulation, and euphoria. This tantalizing blend of genetics produces a sensation that ignites the senses and invites you on a journey of unforgettable pleasure.  

Now and soon offering the following: God's Breath, Butterfly Bliss, Orgasmic VIbes, Secret Affair


God's Breath | Quarter Oz

Indica-Buds-Flower 7g for ONLY $40!!

​This strain is a robust indica that leaves your body feeling dreamy with powerful blissful calming head-to-toe body effects.




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Hella Raw is looking to develop strategic partnerships with individuals and or entities that are interested in opportunities to expand the Hella Raw Movement throughout the United States and abroad Internationally.  Some of these strategies include but are not limited to:

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